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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why buy acreage?
Acreage has, and always will be, a sound investment that you can use.  Many tracts that we offer have over 2 acres with common-sense restrictions so you can enjoy the land with your friends, family, or self.

2. What is the difference between Price Acreage and a typical developer?
Price Acreage takes great care in the design and the impact of the subdivision. While most other developers would try to build 8 houses on only 2 acres, we sell 2 acres for 1 home. We also take great care in construction to go WITH the natural topography, instead of going THROUGH it – leaving as much nature as possible.

3.  What is a well/septic system?  How much does it cost?  
A well is dug and lined then capped that offers access to a great, clean source of water.  A septic system is a safe and private means to dispose waste. If properly installed and maintained, they can both last dozens of years. 
The prices vary, but expect around $6,000 for a well and expect $3,000 to $15,000 for a septic system, depending on the location and soil types.  

4.  What are restrictions?
Restrictions are subdivision guidelines that are written to protect you and your investment. With over 60 years of experience, we have put together restrictions that take a common-sense approach leaving you with the freedom that you want

5.  How big does my home have to be/are outbuildings permitted?
The minimum home size and the construction of outbuildings all vary depending on the subdivision.  

6.  Who chooses the builder/what is the timeline to build?
You choose whichever builder best suits you and there is no time limit to start building.  

7.  Do I need a salesman to look at the property?
You do not need a salesman to look at the property. It is marked well with signs and the property lines.  However, we recommend setting an appointment to get a complete understanding on the land, the buying process, and the building process.  

8.  Can I arrange my own financing?
Yes. You can choose any bank of your liking. However, we have a close working relationship with several local banks that have experience with our type of land development.

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All properties are offered as “For Sale by Owner.”

Some or all of the people or entities who are principals in the LLCs that own the properties on this web site are licensed Real Estate Brokers and are agents. John Price is either an owner or a manager of an LLC that is an owner of all of the properties on this web site.